SOFTBANK’s battery cries at the painful loss Fujii and Umino can’t stop crying after being hit

“Seibu 3-1 Softbank” (1st, Belluna Dome) Softbank greeted with the winning magic “1”, but lost goodbye. The dream of winning the league for the first time in two years was carried over to the game against Lotte (ZOZO) on the 2nd.
In the 9th inning, Yanagita collapsed from his chair at the moment of being hit, and Yanagita’s comeback solo. Softbank, whose victory is decided by a draw or a win, sank in one shot. In the eleventh of the tie, when Mori got a hit with two outs, the following Yamakawa gave a painful goodbye and got hit by a 2-run shot. The fork from 2-1 floated slightly higher and was carried to the left wing seat. At that moment, the victory was carried over to the final match on the 2nd. Both Fujii, who was beaten, and Umino, who played the role of his wife, who had been wearing a mask since the eighth episode, cried. Shuto, Kai and other teammates comforted the two who wiped away their tears, and went to greet the fans in the right wing seats. On the 2nd, Softbank wins or draws, or Softbank wins with Orix’s defeat, but if Orix wins and Softbank loses, Orix’s come-from-behind victory will be decided.