“Shinkansen Round Trip 100,000 Yen Coupon” Beware of Ekinet’s fake site, Russian domain appears at the top of the search

If you search for “ekinet”, the fake site will appear at the top of the search. As of 11:00 a.m. on October 19, when searching JR East ‘s site “Ekinetto” on Google, a fake site using the Russian country domain “.ru” is displayed higher than the correct site. there is a “fake site” with a Russian domain is displayed at the top of the search screen . It is believed to be a phishing site that collects applicants’ personal information by claiming a ” 100,000 yen round-trip coupon gift .” In response to an interview with BuzzFeed News, JR East commented, “We are aware of what appears to be a phishing site. We are currently investigating the details.”
Similar design
What was discovered was a fake site for the Shinkansen travel promotion campaign “Doko ni Beun!”. The campaign of the same name is actually being held, and the design of the website is exactly the same. The same logos are used for JR, Ekinetto, etc., and at first glance it may be misleading. The real campaign starts in December, but the fake site says “Applications will start accepting applications from October 1, 2022”, and there is a banner of “Round-trip 100,000 yen coupon present”, which is not originally there. The correct site is “”, and the fake site uses the Russian country domain “.ru” at the end of the address. Be careful. The Iwate Prefectural Police Cyber ​​Crime Countermeasures Division also issued a warning on its official Twitter account. “Always verify the domain when connecting to a site,” it advises.